Vision & Mission

Our Mission:

Is To be profitable partner to our suppliers & how to work on a collaborative way .

To spread in all cities of KSA.

To build strong equity in the retail market.

To provide top quality fresh food.

History :

The Humble beginning of Al Raya #1 on 70thstreet( prince Majed St.) in 1991, started on a small 1700sq.mtrs sell area selling 15,000 items Al Raya began as a 24 hours operation and was one of it’s first kind in Jeddah Al Raya true to its feature “quality round the clock” has created an image of good services among its customers Al Raya strategies of low pricing ,low margin, high volume & variety of food & non food products under one roof paid dividend and it continued to expand itself by opening new ventures Al Raya with its 45 locations in

Jeddah, Makah, Medina,Taif, Nejran ,Khamis, Jizzan, Sabya, Mejarda, Abha, Ahad Al Mesarha, Al Baha Arar, yanbu, Derb, Baljurashi, Zahran Aljanup, Gunfudah, Bareek, Muhayil Aseer, and Al-Wajh..