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The journey of Al Raya started in the year 1991 with the opening of Al Raya Supermarket on Amir Majid Street. It was just but a figment of my mind to build an enterprise wherein I could fulfill the daily shopping needs of a common man. Let me start by thanking Allah (SWT) for making Al Raya Supermarkets the biggest supermarket chain in the western region of Saudi Arabia. I owe this to my team, our customers and our suppliers without whom this achievement would have been a far-fetched dream.

Sheikh Majid Al Khammash. Founder / Chairman

Today the Supermarket business has become an expressway where the customer’s needs and wants have flooded the shelves with the traffic of fast consumed, averagely used and even slow-moving commodities. None is to be ignored in this era of e-growth where planning, space management, displays, shopper’s ease, checkout counters are throwing an open challenge to the marketer to do his best. This industry has however shown a good response to a planned marketing approach of providing all the commodities under one roof and no doubt Al Raya has moved on this expressway efficiently moving to great heights in a short span of time.

Al Raya will not stop here but look for more, now with a vision for growth in the number of branches and a marketing strategy to take the competition with a head-on approach “Satisfying customer needs profitably is our goal”.

Our prerogatives are to focus on the time and number of promotion periods to enrich the vendor’s visibility and encourage the constant development of customers. “Advertising is the crux of our business and its management can define the growth of downfall of a supermarket”. Surprise visits to supermarkets and first-hand consumer behavior and research studies are undertaken by me to improve and re-design the marketing mix floated. No corner is unimportant in supermarket space management, as the people are not shoppers at our supermarket but guests who should feel comfortable while the family enjoys the Al Raya experience. We encourage window shopping too, as it helps our customers in planning the next purchase. Al Raya offers spacious and well-designed environs to promote the products and a guarantee to offer the best deal for its customers.

Each and every Supermarket is coming up with a promotion at the top of a hat ensuring stiff competition in the market and we do not find ourselves to be left behind in this race as we are exceeding our customer expectations by organizing 52 promotion periods and offering them a gala range of gifts from Cars to Shopping Vouchers. The contest rules and regulations are kept simple and the requirements a bare minimum to ensure the participation of a large cross-section of the society. Losers need not fret and fume as one promotion period ends and we begin the preparations for another.

Al Raya is making it possible because of the people behind it and the customers who appreciate their efforts.

Jamal Ismail Osman CEO, AlRaya